Who are we and what we do ?

KLARIS is a cabinet of Council operational in strategy and reduction of costs from SMES and SMIS. KLARIS is the master of the work of the professionals of the letter and of the figure (expert-Accountants , auditors , jurists , lawyers ... ) .

It coordinates these professionals to that they understand themselves, in order to build together a strategy for the Contractor.

We are independent of any financial group.

Since 9 years, KLARIS is the Business Specialist of trades of ART. We are pioneer in the application of the tax credit under successively all the difficulties. It is a force of proposal in the application of solutions with the DGCIS and the DGFIP
Today, boosted by the arrival of new talent, following a restructuring, Klaris expands the whole of his palette. It is, at present, able to offer you all the public funding of the innovation.

Located in the heart of Marseille, Klaris has developed as a result of its various pragmatic approaches of the Council, of the operational methods 100% oriented results in order to improve the performance of your business on a daily basis.

Our consultants are experts in various trades: lawyers, tax professionals, financial…

Our approach: systematically address each folder under the eye global and specific.

Klaris has the determination to make, the Council operational in optimization of costs, a lasting solution of strategy for the management of enterprises. As a society of Council operational and functional, Klaris goes even further by accompanying the company to close, in a single objective:

to build a winning relationship.

The cabinet speaks 8 languages commonly: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Yeddish and Arabic.

The Team


Director General

Judicial Expert

A graduate of KEDGE business school - MASTER management - MBA exec finance option, GSS 20 years as a contractor in the field of services, and more particularly in the Council has been operational since 2004.
In 2008, she created "KLARIS". It is the "pioneer" for having managed to apply the tax credit the crafts.
It shines on the national plan and now international and can rely on its results and its reputation, either on the side of the institutional or private companies.
The cabinet rises today at the forefront of the leading companies in Council operational.

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Christine Morot is well involved in entrepreneurial life local. It is part of the all new delegation of women business leaders of Marseille, since January 2016. It is an active member and is part of the Strategic Commission MECENAT.


Lawyer - Tax Lawyer

Judicial Expert

Master right of foreign
Master international tax law and European
Third place national at the Competition Francis Lefebvre to the test "Tax Law of Business" 2010
Taxation of individuals in the handling of situations of regularization of assets abroad to French residents. Specialist in the transfer price / intra-Community VAT / Tax Audits / International VAT.


Specialist commercial development and international

15 years of experience in the USA and the Globe Trotter addicted. Field of oil, real estate, metallurgy, industry and medical. She speaks fluent: English, Spanish, Italian, German.



25 years of experience in the sector of services.



Areas of Intervention: industrial, medical and cultural. She is fluent in English and Russian.

Our services

Business performance: the financing of innovation

Tax credit Trades of Art

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Klaris is the pioneer and specialist referenced on the national of the tax credit The trades of ART.
This tax credit reward the companies having a artisanal know-how industrial or of excellence.
Formerly known as credit creation, it supports businesses falling within the scope of the crafts.
Up to 15% of expenditures financed

Tax Credit Research & Development

Tax Device lighthouse of the public financing
Up to 30% of eligible expenditure financed.

Tax credit innovation

Work carried out for the design of prototype of new products and/or models or pilot installations.
Up to 20% of eligible expenditure financed.

Tax credit collection

Development and achievement of new collections or range of products.
Up to 30 % of the eligible expenditure financed.

Aid to the export

Prospect in a new geographical
area to locate in a new country : tax assistance and national aid.
Up to 40 000 euro funded.

Tax credit

About international the films of foreign initiative
which all, or part of the manufacture,
has place in France.
Up to 30% of the expenses of the film, in France, financed.

Audio/Video credit

Realization and production of audiovisual works
made in France
up to 20% of eligible expenditure financed.


Allows young innovative companies
to obtain the total or partial exemption from certain charges.


Unlike the sponsorship, patronage enjoys a reduction of tax IR or is
up to 60% of the Donations assigned to the approximation of the worlds.

Financial engineering

Transfer, acquisition and transmission of societies. Reconciliation and negotiation of businesses. Trade Negotiations (contracts of licenses).

Transfer price

Determination of the best possible solutions for securing the pricing policy of transfer of a business by taking into account the whole of the tax issues and financial

Our values

References: Our culture of the discretion inherent in our trades, paradoxically is a major pillar of our development.
The cooptation of our customers is a source of permanent growth.
We are working on subjects often very sensitive and treat many of the confidential information and strategic.
The whole of our staff is particularly sensitized.


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